Knowlita is a love letter, an ever-evolving exercise in creativity and equal parts nostalgia and now. Founded in 2015, Knowlita has its headquarters on Lafayette and Broome in downtown NYC. Our forward-facing identity manifests as a lifestyle brand that designs art, apparel and accessories. These products are available exclusively on this site and at every Saks Fifth Avenue in North America.

Knowlita is perhaps best known for conceiving and popularizing the “Or Nowhere” graphic, a simple yet sentiment idea that’s resonated with everyone from Lebron James to Emma Stone. We have also collaborated with a number of brands including American Express, Nike, The Cultivist, Le Labo, Sixty Hotels, Stella Artois and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

To learn more, check out our short film about Knowlita’s past, present and future, as told by the company’s founder and creative director, Quincy Moore.


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